Steve Grant: (Company Manager)

“My company supplied a considerable quantity of Rudnev panels for several dairy conversions being project managed by Bill Hewat. We enjoyed dealing with Bill, who gave clear and reasonable instructions while always being prepared to be flexible in his thinking without compromising his performance criteria. Further we have appreciated the orderly payment of accounts, being […]

Jackie Slater (Accommodation Manager)

“Bill Hewat was the project manager during the two year construction of 118 apartments for our company. Issues, which could have been considered minor or even a nuisance by Bill, were always treated with respect and consideration and acted upon immediately. I have been involved in other construction projects and can honestly say that I […]

Jack Kaganer: (Engineer / Designer)

“William Hewat was project manager engaged in the reconstruction of a private hospital designed and supervised by me. The project was a 3-storey addition with two new operating theatres and other auxiliary building. Mr Hewat has proved to be knowledgeable and during construction his initiative, cooperation and pleasant attitude to the project has in no […]

Anne Stillone: (Owner)

“Mr Hewat has completed some alteration work for me involving a new roof with skylights and gib ceilings.  Doors were also altered and floor levels adjusted.  He also arranged a new bitumen driveway, which featured a red gravel parking area.  Mr Hewat was always on site and conducted himself in a professional and helpful manner […]

Helen Lynch: (Owner)

“William Hewat has in the past worked for me on several occasions with regard to building, carpentry and renovating.  I have found his work to be of the highest standard.  He has proved at all times to be reliable, honest and extremely conscientious.  I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him as a tradesman […]

David Pringle (Home owner)

“I got totally confused when getting painting quotes for my house, as the quotes were wildly different.  Some allowed for scaffold and others didn’t, some allowed for 2 coats and others allowed for 3.  Some said the job would take 2-weeks and others said a month, and they all had different paint systems etc etc.  […]