Project Management Service

Project Management Service

Hamptons Builders provide a project management service to people who don’t have the time or the expertise to manage the myriad of issues that arise in all construction projects. Be it a small house alteration or a multi-million dollar commercial project, now more than ever, you will need; a good management structure, an in-depth knowledge base and applicable skills to ensure you avoid the pitfalls.

We can either do this:

  1. Independently
    1. We are engaged as the Project Manager only, (ie not the builder)
    2. We will tender the work and award the building contract works to the successful tenderer (the building-arm of Hamptons Builders will have no involvement).
    3. We will manage the project on behalf of the client, providing all the attributes including, (but not limited to); Design, Consents, Tendering, Site Management, Programing, Finances, Compliance, Quality Control, Health and Safety.
    4. Bill Hewat, (managing director) has project managed many large commercial projects, but equally enjoys working on small domestic jobs. You will not find a more experienced Project Manager and as an independent, one who will go in to bat for you, the client, when the inevitable conflicts arise.
  2. In combination
    1. We are engaged as the Project Manager AND the Main Contractor.
    2. An “open book” agreement is entered into, whereby the Client sees all the actual costs, which the Client pays in addition to an agreed P&G and margin.

Our 3-key fundamentals are:

  • Complete project on BUDGET
  • Complete project on TIME
  • Meet prescribed QUALITY requirements

Our work ethic is based on 3 categories;

  1. Priority
    1. Know what to do and when to do it
    2. Triage the tasks at hand
    3. Maintain an over-view.
  2. Propriety
    1. Act in a proper and suitable manner at all times.
    2. Maintain high morals and standards.
    3. Treat people with respect and be prepared to compromise in order to maintain harmony.
  3. Commitment
    1. Take “ownership” of the project. You will get our “buy-in”.
    2. Take “responsibility” for the project.
    3. Take “care” of your project.