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Our Skills

Bill Hewat is highly qualified and experienced and extremely well respected in the South Island building community. As a home improvement, renovation and building specialist, his experience and qualifications are extensive:

Licensed Building Practitioner (site 3)

A site 3 license is the highest classification of the three categories of building licences. A Site 3 license holder must understand;

  • The Purpose of the Building Act and the Building Code
  • How to interpret Building Code Compliance Documents
  • The relevance of building-related legislation
  • The roles, responsibilities and work of key parties
  • The building and resource consent process

Additional requirements are evidence of the following attributes:

  • Technical knowledge of construction methods and practice
  • Interpret contract documents
  • Understand procurement models
  • Work with design loads
  • Manage administration
  • Manage development of and implement site procedures, control and direct site performance.
  • Manage project team and personnel
  • Manage and direct technical supervision personnel
  • Obtain documentation required by the owner to confirm the building consent


  1. 2009; NZIOB (New Zealand Institute of Building) Award for Excellence in the Building Profession.
  2. 2008; MBA (Master Builders Award) for the best commercial building.
  3. 1995; Beta Award for Energy Efficiency in Buildings


  • Bill Hewat has an enviable safety record, with no “serious harm injuries” occurring on his projects.
  • Bill Hewat is a “Safety Supervisors Gold Card” holder.
  • Bill Hewat is a certified Site Safe Supervisor.